A downloadable game for Windows

How to Play: Move your character around using WASD. Walk in the tall grass for a chance to enter a random battle encounter. In the battle you will face off against a wild waifu and you should use your abilities to defeat them. When you defeat a waifu you gain a random ability that you do not have or if you are full an existing ability will be overwritten. If you lose a battle you will restart from your last save. In the city you can save at any time that you want with the save button on the top right corner. Use your wits and strategy when you take on the wild waifus.

Credits: Michael Denkovski 101222288 Kevin Chua 101222467

GitHub: https://github.com/mdenkovski/GAME3023-FinalProjec

Install instructions

Extract the zip and run the .exe


Version1.0.1 - Win64.zip 36 MB

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